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Initially we had some family members who approached us to try some of their Shaklee products. We tried the products to support them. Our interest grew after trying some of the environmentally friendly cleaning products. We found these to be both inexpensive and very effective. Next we tried some of the sports nutrition and and supplement products. Again, the response was “Hey these are working.” Then we used the shakes. They come in both whey and soy. We had to use the soy due to Steve's allergies. We loved them and taste tested them on the kids. They liked them too. (They weren’t chalky and filled us up for hours.)

We now use all of the Shaklee products in our household. It’s nice to know that they work, they are nutritionally sound, and they are not harmful in any way on the environment. What we have found is that Shaklee is a company that has a conscience. When Steve went to the Shaklee conference there were countless stories of people who resolved some health issue using Shaklee products. Many of these people decided to make Shaklee into a business for themselves because it had made such a difference in their lives that they wanted to share it with others. We have decided to do the same, as it has changed our lives as well.

Please take a moment to click on the tabs to the left to gain an understanding of the various opportunities and wide array of products offered by Shaklee. We would very much enjoy the opportunity to partner with you on this journey.

Stephanie Prpick-Boss & Stephen Boss (Shaklee ID# CK30748)
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