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Shaklee takes the the same concern for product safety, environmentally friendliness, and product effectiveness with regards to its Health and Beauty Products. Shaklee carries an amazing line of ProSante hair and Shakleebaby products, but is best known for its clinically proven skin care line entitled Enfuselle.

Shaklee Enfuselle is a simple regimen with all the essential antioxidants and nutrients your skin craves. Each step is formulated to do its part to nourish your skin. But it's the steps combined that will give you skin so radiant, you won't believe your mirror.

In 28 short days, and just three minutes of Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy morning and night, you’ll notice your skin looking younger – guaranteed.  Clinical studies confirmed:

The foundation of the Nutrition Therapy Skincare system is Time Repair A.M.® SPF 15 and C+E Repair P.M.®.

The name Enfuselle was derived from the fact that these products actually infuse the cell with skin specific anti-aging nutrients - - anti-oxidants - C, E, & A,minerals and botanicals. This is the best of nutrition for the skin!! Just like taking anti-oxidant nutrients internally, these products are designed to provide a barrier against free radical assault to your

skin externally - Shaklee scientists found it was impossible to adequate amounts of the anti-oxidant through our diet or supplementation to actually offset the free radicals that bombard our skin everyday!! This skin care line was designed to counteract every environmental assault to your skin, thus preventing premature aging, while producing much younger healthier skin. The development of this product took over 1 ½ years, with 28 scientists working on the project full time and an investment of over 5 million dollars.

 This skin care regimen is designed to retard and reverse the aging process. Dermatologists clinical trials have proven that these products have out performed anything else in the market for making skin significantly younger and healthier in only 28 days. In fact, they are called WRINKLE BUSTERS!!!!

We guarantee that you will have younger healthier skin in 28 days!!! 


Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care by Shaklee: 





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The ProSanté Hair Care Line is a complete line of shampoos and conditioners ... AND ... Nourishing Scalp Treatment. At the heart of the entire system is “Scalp Health Complex”, an exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs in a complete complex designed to comprehensively counterbalance the potential stressors which can interfere with normal, healthy hair follicles. Independent clinical studies ... have shown the following results after 3 months of consistent use of Nourishing Scalp Treat- ment and the recommended ProSanté Sham- poos/Conditioners: